The ITALCHECK brand may be used by companies which, having the requisites and making the request, produce and/or market goods included in the classes referred to in Article 3 below produced in Italy according to the legal regulations of the reference sector.

Companies operating in Italy and producing and/or marketing goods produced in Italy belonging to the product classes referred to in article 3 of the Regulations may apply for the use of the ITALCHECK Collective Mark, provided that all the requirements of these Regulations for the use of the markare met.

TheItalian Identity Body, through the Managing Body or the Control Structure, shall verify that the data provided are complete and that all the stated requirements exist. The Association shall then decide whether or not to accept the application, notifying the Licensee in writing and providing the data and documentation required to make the payment of the fee as per the Tariff. The Association or the Managing Body or the Control Structure shall carry out the controls related to the use of the Trademark and to the compliance with these Regulations.

Conditions for granting the Trademark

  • The concession of the Trademark by the Association to the Licensee is non-exclusive. The concession refers to the Italian territory.
  • The granting of the Trademark lasts 1 (one) year starting from the date of acceptance by the Association of the application for the granting and is automatically renewed for the same period upon the persistence of the conditions of use of the Trademark and the payment of the fee.
  • The granting of the Trademark entails the payment of the fee established in the Price List to be made to the Managing Body: said payment shall be made no later than 15 (fifteen) days from the date of the communication by the Association of the acceptance of the request for granting the Trademark.
  • In case of renewal of the concession, the mentioned payment of the fee must be made within and not later than 30 (thirty) days before the expiration of the concession.
  • Both the granting of the trademark and its renewal are subject to the regular payment of the fee.
  • For the Licensees, whether members of the Association or not, the payment of the fee for the concession of the Trademark entails automatic registration in the Register of the Association.

Once accredited, theItalian company can accompany its Made in Italy products with the Italcheck seal, which certifies theItalian identity and will be included in the register of the Italcheck platform and can be found through the "verification" field on the home page or from the mobile phone using the Smart Utility, so that the company protects itself, suppliers, retailers and final consumers.

The company may use the Trademark only to distinguish the Products for which it has requested the use of the Trademark and may not use it in relation to different products.

In particular, the company may use the Trademark on the Products and their containers and packaging, as well as on catalogues, on its website, as per the ITALCHECK Trademark use guide, provided that the same refer to the Products.

The Italcheck seal can be accompanied by an IC code, QR code, RFID, NFC. The customer can then enter the code or the name of the brand in the Italcheck portal (or, if present, scan the QR code directly from any smatphone or tablet) to get all the relevant information about the product. It is then possible to view the profile of the Italian manufacturer and contact it, to defend against possible counterfeits in the language of the consumer.

Audit Partners

Italcheck - agroquality logo

RINA Group, the certification body responsible for the third party control and verification activities required by the Italcheck system.

Italcheck - product sectors


Italcheck - product sectors


Italcheck - product sectors


Italcheck - product sectors


Product sectors

The companies that want to be certified with Italcheck can fall into any product category.
The reference targets of the project are: international institutions, trade and stakeholders, importers and distributors who have always been the main distribution channel for Made in Italy in the world, media, press, TV, web and the international end consumer.

Italcheck - product sectors


Italcheck - product sectors


Italcheck - product sectors


Italcheck - product sectors

Beauty / Pharmacy

If you are an Italian company, accrediting your Made in Italy is an opportunity

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