The Made in Italy is synonymous with the highest quality, appreciated and sought after throughout the world.

But it is not easy to distinguish an authentic Italian product from the falsifications that often prove to be harmful both to the customer and to the manufacturing company.

It happens more and more often to take for granted the threat of Italian sounding, or the marketing of products bearing the names of brands that sound Italian but are not produced in Italy at all.

Italcheck is today one of the main systems to protect and enhance the value of Made in Italy products, accrediting them and giving the possibility to verify through theIC code QR/NFC and the dedicated smart utility theItalian identity of the items both in our territory and abroad, proving to be an advantage also for those who export and becoming a project of enhancement and storytelling of the excellence of Made in Italy.

The consumer can thus be sure, comfortably and free of charge, that his purchase is 100% authentic and produced in Italy.

TheItalian Identity is that mix in which creativity, craftsmanship, innovation, research, quality, tradition, style and beauty unique to the Bel Paese, which the whole world recognizes, envies and seeks out.Italy is a unique country where an exclusive territory, millenary culture, history and tradition, creativity, craftsmanship, innovation and manufacturing excellence combined with a culture of food and agri-food products coexist.

From south to north, from east to west, a united plurality that creates that original mix, Italian Style that everyone envies us, from which we must draw strength to regain our rightful place in the world. We are increasingly entering world markets not only with our products, but also with empathy and leadership, the true levers of the third millennium.

If Made in Italy were a brand, it would be one of the best known brands in the world. However, this competitive advantage must be protected and enhanced through strategic projects of vision and development.

We need to think in an international way in order to become competitive again, not by complaining that there are copies of our products in the world but by starting to be present and authentic, allowing consumers to recognise them when they look for them.

The world wants quality products of excellence. Total world consumption of luxury/high range products is growing and, in a constantly growing market segment all over the world, Italian companies are playing a leading role.

Our country is blessed with an incomparable beauty. It would not be what it is today without the men who have shaped it over the course of time: artists, architects, writers, entrepreneurs, craftsmen, teachers, farmers and workers who carry with them the tradition of Italian "savoir faire", handed down from generation to generation.

Italian products are synonymous with quality, especially abroad.

This is why it is often the victim of counterfeiting, a business where it is increasingly common to find forgeries of our most excellent articles.

It is also common to resort to Italian sounding: the association of a name that remembers our specialties and territories with products that have nothing to do with our country.

These are symptoms of a market that can easily deceive and confuse those who, especially outside Italy, are unfamiliar with authentic Italian quality.

Market where an instrument that ensures theorigin of a product can make the difference.