How can you obtain the Made in Italy certification.

Obtaining Italcheck certification and protecting and enhancing your Made in Italy products is really simple. Everything takes place along this path.


Apply for certification

By filling it in, you can apply for the Made in Italy certification process for the use of the Italcheck brand.


We accept the request

After a verification of the pre-requisites, we confirm the acceptance of the application for certification and issue the offer. If you approve it, the process of certification Made in Italy will begin.


Control Audit takes place

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At this point, an audit is carried out in your company by the third-party international certification body Agroqualità to independently assess compliance with the requirements of the specification.


Issuance of the Certificate

Italcheck - certificate

Once the documentation produced as a result of the audit has been submitted, we meet the technical committee, which decides at its sole discretion to issue the Italcheck certificate and license to use the distinctive signs of the Italcheck trademark.


You are added to our platform

Once you have obtained the Made in Italy certification, your company profile and certified products are included in our online platform. From here you can, through your reserved area, access company information, Italcheck certificate, company IC-code and product IC-code with the relative QR code/NFC for product traceability.

Do you have any doubt

Here is the answer to some of the most common objections that are raised during our meetings with companies:

Although the company sells only in Italy, the certification is a plus on the product. In fact, the Italian consumer, more and more informed about their purchases, is constantly looking for greater guarantees, information and transparency on the product, through certifications and innovative systems of traceability and control. He is also attentive and sensitive to Made in Italy products because he recognizes this characteristic as a guarantee of quality.

The fact that the products are not sold abroad does not guarantee that the product cannot be counterfeited or copied. The consumer wants a guarantee to be sure about the purchases he makes.

The guarantee of a third party, independent and authoritative, is a plus that consumers today recognize and seek. Companies are increasingly communicating the certifications held by their products as a concrete competitive advantage.
Not all products declared Italian are really Italian.

It is important to bear in mind that a product defined as Italian does not mean that it cannot be counterfeited.

Italcheck differs from many of the services of Italian identity marks and similar on the market for several factors: the presence of an audit in third party companies, with the collaboration of an authoritative partner such as Agroqualità S.p.A., the completeness of a system that combines a certification to a Smart Utility, the internationality of the project.

Often other services only deal with the authentication of a single product category and do not deal with its traceability, are not equipped with online profile cards for articles and manufacturers, or are not integrated with tools useful to the consumer, such as QR codes and tag media.

The QR code* and/or NFC**, has the ability to store content, which can be read on the go via smartphone, equipped with the necessary application to encode it.
The use of the QR code intrigues and helps to generate new traffic on your site: it can be applied to an infinite number of articles, such as press releases, brochures, newspaper articles, posters, business cards and in our case on the packaging of products, or even on adhesive labels that can help reduce the cost.

Using QR codes in your offline communication and promotion activities is an innovative way to engage new and established customers, combining print communication with the versatility of the web. This practice is spreading very quickly in Italy, abroad is already a reality with the opening of real Virtual Stores.
Adopting QR codes can prove to be a useful strategy to encourage promotional activities, profile your customers and collect new subscribers to your newsletter.

(*) QR code: a two-dimensional barcode consisting of black modules placed within a square pattern.
(**) NFC: Near Field Communication is a technology that provides bi-directional short-range wireless (RF) connectivity.

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