Companies operating in Italy and producing and/or marketing goods produced in Italy belonging to the product classes referred to in article 3 of the Regulations may apply for the use of the ITALCHECK Collective Mark, provided that all the requirements set out in these Regulations for the use of the markare met.

The application may be submitted to the Association by the Licensee interested in the use of the Trademark and shall include the following information and statements:

  • Full details of the Licensee (company name, legal and operational headquarters, name and surname of the legal representative).
  • The details of registration in the Register of Companies;
  • An indication of the activities actually carried out and the goods produced in Italy.
  • A self-certification certifying that the goods for which the trademark is requested are produced in Italy in full compliance with the regulations of the reference sector, the details of which must be clearly cited in the self-certification. The responsibility of said conformity is entirely the responsibility of the Licensee.
  • Express written acceptance of all the conditions and obligations of these Regulations.
  • The express indication that you have read the Rate Card and accept its amounts.
  • The express attestation of sharing the aims of the Association and the commitment to comply with the provisions of the Statute of the Association itself.
  • A declaration that the Licensee is not bankrupt, has not entered into an arrangement with creditors or has not been the subject of compulsory administrative liquidation and has not been the subject of a protest procedure during the five years immediately preceding the application.
  • The concession of the Trademark by the Association to the Licensee is non-exclusive. The concession refers to the Italian territory.

In order to obtain the license to use the ITALCHECK BRAND please fill in the following form on portal . enisusgroup . com which is valid as an Application for the start of the process of granting the use of the Brand by the Managing Body Enisus Srl.

Or by filling in the Application Form which can be downloaded from the "DOCUMENTS" section of the website or by requesting it from the Managing Body.

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