Italcheck - Italian Product

Distinctive brand of the

We know the value of a 100% authentic Italian product
and that is why we have decided to enhance it

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Enter and send the ITALCHECK code (IC-CODE) or the manufacturer mark
on the product to verify the Italian identity.

Italcheck enhances and safeguards the real Made in Italy

The Italcheck seal identifies authentic Italian products

Italcheck - Agroqualità

An all-Italian commitment

Italcheck was born from the desire of the Italian Identity organization to enhance the importance of Italian products in the world, supported by an international network capable of promoting Italian excellence inside and outside Italy.

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An extra advantage

With Italcheck, your company will be able to give an added value to its product, differentiating it from counterfeits and Italian sounding, giving an additional guarantee to the customer in Italy and especially in the world.


An additional advantage

With Italcheck, your company can give added value to its product, defending it more easily from counterfeiting and giving an additional guarantee for the customer.

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